Strata Tower

Today’s image is of the Strata building, a skyscraper only recently introduce to the South London skyline after completion last year. Based at Elephant and Castle the unique feature, as you can see, are the three wind turbines at the top which combined with the shape has meant the nickname for the building is ‘the razor’. We like to give our buildings nicknames based on their shapes.

Next year will see the end of a 2 year long wind analysis so that architects BFLS, and I guess any other boffins who care, are able to determine how efficiently the building is running with the 3 turbines built in.

I don’t often take photos of this building, it’s usually in the wrong place to be included in my usual skylines, and is also a little far away and it’s not too often I will use my zoom lens when up high. I’m pleased I did take one on this trip though, as it came out quite nicely.

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  1. Strata[]
    Cheers – it’s shot from the same location as the previous two images, which was on top of the Monument. Worth the trip with a zoom lens – the fence in place kills a wide angle shot. šŸ™

  2. Very cool image – I have never seen and photo of this building anywhere! I like the heavy vignette, it really draws you to the Razor!

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