Little Blue Cranes

I have 12 images processed and ready to post, but finding the time to write a little bit of text for each is alluding me – super busy at work a hectic social life leave little time to play.

Here’s another shot from Sunday when I went up The Monument in London. My aim was to simply get the Gherkin in the shot, and it was only later when I was back at home that I realised the Lloyds building in front of it had all of these cute little blue cranes standing on top in various places. I cropped the image to this cosy looking muster of architectural curves and lines, and feel the cranes a nice focal point and splash of colour.

5 thoughts on “Little Blue Cranes”

  1. sweet shot Mike, and those cranes make it man, just awesome! hey, check out my latest post, you might recognize it hehe! hope you are well!

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