The Shard

Below is the large view of this shot, I included the above so you can appreciate seeing it all at once, whereas the below shot will require you to scroll down the page.

As regular readers of this blog will know, this is The Shard, which will be the tallest building in Europe once it is complete, and is something I have been taking photos of for a while now, but then it’s hard not to as it’s so huge and visible from so many places in London.

It was taken from the top of ‘The Monument’ which is a large tower designed by Wren and Hooke to commemorate the great fire of London. 311 steps and 160 feet up The Monument offers a panoramic view of London, the downside being the chain link fence that is in place which interferes with a wide angle view.

This image is a hand held HDR (3 brackets per shot) and 5 image panoramic. For a hand held effort, looking though a chain link fence and in the wind it came out quite well. Here’s a look through the chain link, followed by the panoramic image itself:

Chain Shard

The Shard

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  1. The Shard[]
    This was 5 shots, consisting of 3 brackets per shot – all handheld.

    The Monument, so nothing exciting – had to shoot through the wire fence, blog post goes into details :o)

    1. Thanks – I was pretty surprised by how clear it came out in those conditions – obviously the daylight helped immensely to keep the shutter speeds down.

  2. The Shard[]
    Yep – 311 steps, and I have a certificate to prove it. I did Clock Tower the week before, so about 350 steps – and what with our types of excursions around the city I’m finding them easier and easier 🙂

  3. wow Mike, very cool! I have some shots I took from the Milennium Bridge on our walk that I need to process, this makes me want to get after them right away! well done mate!

  4. Saw the shard today as the train passed london Bridge Really impressive.I live at Whipsnade beds and on a clear day it is visible with the naked eye from here now. No surprise we can see Canary wharf towers and the natwest towers the Gherkin and the post office tower as well
    Great photos

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