The Secret Garden

Alright, this isn’t really a secret garden, as it’s in the middle of Kew Gardens and I had to wait 5 minutes for visitors to disappear so that I could get this shot.

However, it does look a little like a secret garden and as if the structure in the middle is hiding away.

I never did get the files recovered from my corrupt card, so this location is still a little bit of a sore point for me in that I lost what were potentially some great shots. At the same time I’m enjoying working my way through the ones that I did take and pulling out a few which I want to process, it’s certainly refreshing on my eyes to process nature in full daylight. I’m so used to processing night time and decay that it’s a fun challenge for me.

Have a great weekend everyone.

15 thoughts on “The Secret Garden”

  1. Love the saturated shades of green contrasted with that little pop of red that’s also hiding! Perfect framing and processing for this very tranquil spot.

    1. Thanks Barbara, I’m glad a tranquil feeling was given here, with many visitors to the park it didn’t feel that way.

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