Peace Pagoda

I was on a photowalk recently with John and thefella and one of the spots suggested was Battersea to take a few shots of the power station and this pagoda. I’ve taken a few shots of it before, but have never been happy with the ones that I’ve taken – and this day was no real exception as I wasn’t too happy with any of the angles I was getting around the pagoda, and for a structure that lends itself well to symmetry there were always trees in the way which ruined that for me aesthetically.

When on a photowalk you move slowly, as you’re generally waiting for someone, and while you wait you set up a little shot further away, and as people are then waiting for you they do the same – so it can be slow progress. I had walked away from the Pagoda in a ‘I’m done here’ kind of way, but as I was stood in this spot I decided to try out a few shots with the 8mm fisheye, which is what was used in the image above. The lamp-post on the left side was heavily curved so I had to straighten that out a bit in post process, and you can see the section at the right leans down to the left a little still.

At the end of the day, it was this last shot here which is the only one I’ve found fit to publish of this pagoda so far.

25 thoughts on “Peace Pagoda”

  1. Stunning light and tones! I like the use of the fish here too, but would like to have seen it without the straightening – dig distortions! Good stuff!

    1. Thanks Jim – I like some distortions but felt it a little much in this instance, especially with a lamp post ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’ve been past the Pagoda many times, and taken many pictures of it and like you have never been happy with any of them. This is one cool shot though, I love how you’ve captured it and the processing is perfection.

    1. Thanks Chris – one day I’m sure I’ll get a shot I’m very happy with, but this one will certainly do me for now.

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