Step Back in Time

Here’s another shot from Kew Gardens, taken in one of their greenhouses (or glasshouses, as some would say). This section looked at a few fossils, and had a waterfall and makeshift swamp area, but what stood out for me were these prehistoric footprints on one of the pathways.

I don’t think they’re real, but they are pretty cool and reminded me of Jurassic Park in a way.


I can’t believe we’re into July already, but that means this is going into the 6 month period that this photoblog has been running – I’m surprised I’ve managed to keep it up but have enjoyed it along the way, and am very pleased with my work when looking back on the previous posts.

I am nowhere near as active in the photoblog community as many others, and I’ve asked before ‘where do you find the time?’. I work a full time job, so 9am until (officially 5.30) but generally until whenever depending on work; and I’ve also started a new position within the company this month so that’s a little more work and responsibility. I try and maintain some sort of social life and am therefore out a lot during the week, and so try to keep weekends free-ish for photography. The little time I have left, awake, needs to be spent on processing and my other interests, which to be honest have been neglected this year.

What I want to say is a big fat thank you to those that take the time to comment on my work on a daily basis, and to retweet or +one or ‘like’ it, and who spread the love around. I’m terrible at thanking and responding to you guys, but do appreciate it very much. I’ve got a list of photographers at the footer of this blog that I like to check out when possible (Go check them out if you don’t already know them; the majority are photoblogs that are updated frequently), though recently I haven’t been able to do this daily and there are more than those on this list that I look at so it’s in no way exhaustive. If you’re not on the list it’s not because I don’t like you or your work, it’s because I’m busy lazy.

17 thoughts on “Step Back in Time”

  1. Cool shot – really love the ultra-low perspective! Time is a something I think we’re all find in short supply these days. Thanks for listing too, I really appreciate that!

  2. love the processing Mike, really well done! hope all is well, work does get in the way of photo fun! thanks for listing me down there, and I have done the same!

  3. Step Back in Timeexcellent how the light structures this shot! The texture in the highlighted arrow areas give the kick! Very beautiful post processing!

    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

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