Please Dry Your Hands

The image on Friday was one that asked you to wash your hands, and this is the same urbex location so I felt it appropriate, after washing, to encourage you to now dry your hands.

I had been to this train depot previously after a trip to the Camden Catacombs had ended sooner than anticipated, but I hadn’t really spent time in any of the rooms that line two sides of it…basically because there isn’t really much there to see. On this trip I was very surprised by the amount I found to photograph in these locations, and have been especially pleased by the three shots I took in this room – it was one of those places that just seem to have worked.

My composition was a little off in this shot and I managed to crop out some of the hand towel machine at the top right and had to photoshop that to look a bit more natural. You’ll note the curved edge at the very top right – this was actually straight to match the left side. Looking closer you’ll notice that it’s now a clone of the curved section about an inch below it.

I say my composition was off, but onsite I had fully intended to crop out that right hand section altogether and just have the towel in the shot once I did the processing – this changed when back at the PC and I could see how nice that section looked, especially the awesome wallpaper in the bottom right quarter.

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