On Thin Ice

July already! Another month has passed so quickly, but that means it’s time to have a look at the June Lego Wars contest kindly run by Chris Nitz.

The theme for June was ‘Legos people and camping mishaps!’, and I had an idea of what I wanted my image to be for a while. The ice skater was one of the first Lego Mini-figures I received in May when I went ahead and bought all of the series. This was closely followed by a fisherman – and as such the idea of a couple of guys on a fishing trip and this skater about to fall into the ice was formulating back in May and I just had to put it into practice when composing the image.

To create the image I required the following:

Lego figures (obviously)
Pot Plant
Bottle of Powerade

I started off by freezing the blue Powerade which I thought could be used for the ice (actually, I started off by defrosting my freezer so that I had room to place a makeshift tray with the Powerade in it). During the freezing process I had to cut a little circular hole in the ice to act as the fishing hole.

Once this was done, I set up the rest of the scene on my windowsill, it consisted of buying and (unfortunately) killing a pot plant. I used the soil for the land that you see in the image, and the flowers and leaves for the foliage you can vaguely see in the background.

Then came the t-shirt, an old stripey one, which I cut up along with cutting up a coat hanger. I glued these together to form a makeshift tent. The plant came with a couple of wooden sticks which you can see one of the ends of as a large tent peg.

Once this was all set up I took the blue ice block out of the freezer and set this in place, filling the hole with a bit more of the Powerade so it looked like there was water in it. Then I set up the fishermen and the ice skater to take the shots.

Once done I did Photoshop the ice skater to add a little motion blur. I needed her to be skating backwards to be able to fall into the hole from not seeing it, but also lead the viewer to believe she was moving backwards.

I hope you like it, and must give thanks to Chris once more for hosting such a great contest, It’s excellent to get the creative juices flowing.

Please check out the other images in the contest and vote for your favourite, even if it’s not mine.

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