Please Wash Your Hands

Today’s image is from the same location that the taps were earlier this week. Sat in the corner of the room, all alone and with a nice glow coming in from the high window they would seem more at place within a prison than in this train depot.

The room I’m in is beside a corridor full of toilets and features a set of double sided sinks. I guess it’s where the workers used to come in and scrub up after a hard day at on the rails.

With a caved in roof that could collapse further at any given point, and the aforementioned spider webs that coated the place, it’s no longer a room that invites you to enter to get clean; but as with many abandoned places it’s the thoughts of what once was which is the most appealing when you’re stood there, surrounded by decay and desperation but with an imagination that is free.

82 thoughts on “Please Wash Your Hands”

  1. Please Wash Your HandsTo love is to admire with the heart; to admire is to love with the mind.
    – Theophile Gautier said
    I admire your beautiful artwork from your talent composition & arrangement, thank you to inspire friends in the world:)
    Best regards,

  2. Please Wash Your HandsOhh wow, love the light in this photo. You’ve got the one sink in shadow and one being lit up! The texture from the HDR really works well here — really brings out the awesome walls and make this more interesting. Well done

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