A Secret Within

These doors are located on a building very close to Trafalgar Square in London. I’ve shot them before because they look great at night, but last time I did them I noticed a smudge on my glass which put a very soft spot in all of my images from that night. Though only noticed if looking closely, it bothered me. I don’t think I had my wind angle back then either, so wasn’t able to capture quite as much in this shot back then as I can now.

I’m not sure what the building actually is, the only thing that Google mentions is there is a shipping company and I’m not too sure that’s what it is.

The columns in the shot must provide a little shelter for homeless people at night as I had to go up and move a flat piece of cardboard, possible someone’s bed, so that it didn’t appear in the shot. There was also a very harsh light coming in at the top center of the image on the left side of the slanted stone; luckily the light on the right side had blown so I cleaned up the left side in photoshop using a cloned and flipped section from the right. Without doing this the left side of the arch at the top was horrid. The central light remains and isn’t too harsh so adds to the image rather than blows everything out.

This scene is certainly nothing that stands out when you walk past it, but the urge to shoot it took over on that initial night when I did first take it; I’m very pleased that I did.

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  1. A Secret WithinSome of the greater things in life are unseen thats why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry, or dream
    – Anonymous
    Splendid composition make beautiful art, thank you to inspire me and friends:)
    Take care from internet friend,

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