Sunny St Paul's

I met up with Jim Nix recently for a photowalk down the Thames, and this is one of the shots from that night.

We didn’t wander too far, starting at One New Change for the view across to the building above, crossed over the Millennium Bridge to the south side of the river, and then walked up the Westminster Bridge to see what kind of sunset it was. It still took us around 4 hours before we ended up in the pub having a few refreshing pints of Sherlock Ale to finish the night off.

One thing I enjoy most about meeting people for a photowalk, especially if they are not from London, is that they tend to see things that I will simply walk past or take for granted. It was great to see Jim’s enthusiasm and his fresh eye on a walk that I know very well and often take for granted.

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  2. I like the sunburst peeking through there. It’s nice to see an image in daylight from you, I was beginning to think you were strictly nocturnal like Batman :).

  3. looks great Mike, came out wonderful! I had a blast with you my friend, and will be sharing those images real soon! thanks for the mention too!

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