Double Tap

This was one of those rare moments where I switched from my 10-20mm and shot with a 50mm prime. I know there is plenty of software available to achieve depth in your images, but when I saw these taps lined up in a row it reminded me of a shot of some lamps I had taken in a library at the start of the year and I knew I wanted to use the 50mm to get the depth of field that I did, primary focus on the front taps and the remaining ones falling away behind them.

The taps were based in an old toilet in the disused train depot that you saw in yesterday’s image. You can see traces of the spider webs which were in between the taps…and let me tell you that this room and the one next to it were covered in them. It was getting towards the end of the day and the light was starting to fade so I had trouble seeing the webs above me, the first I knew about them was when they attached themselves to my head. Obviously the next hour was spent scratching and imagining spiders crawling over me.

At one point I worked my way through the adjacent room with a large stick and broom trying to clear the webs hanging overhead so that I could get a clear shot of a sink without fear of rushing up against spiders or their home.

The shower I had once I got home that night was simply wonderful!

117 thoughts on “Double Tap”

  1. Nothing quite matches the dof achieved in the camera, even though the software can come close! Dig this shot, especially the blue/grey tones and the webs! Well done!

  2. Double TapMike, this is absolutely stunning! Great color and light and wonderful view of this beauty! EXCELLENT work here! WOW! And Congratulations….I saw this in EXPLORE and I am so glad I did because it brought me to your stream, which is exceptional!.Outstanding photography! It’s a Keeper for sure! : )

  3. Double TapCongratulations on making explore
    This means your work, people adore
    Add to that you’re in the top fifty
    A feat that is actually quite nifty!

    Some really good work – just leaving my 2 cents!

  4. Double TapTo love is to admire with the heart; to admire is to love with the mind.
    – Theophile Gautier said
    I admire your beautiful artwork from your arrangement, thank you to inspire friends in the world:)
    Best regards,

  5. Ok, a little late getting to the game here, still way behind on my RSS feeds, but had to pause on this one. The DOF is perfect and I love the spider webs.

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