Waiting for a Train

Just a quick post today as I’m super busy and running around London which is extremely hot right not; a suit and this weather is not a good thing – hope everyone had a great weekend.

This shot was taken in an abandoned train depot, and consisted of me running back and forth between the camera and a suitable shot within the 10 seconds it takes for the shutter to release. I really need to get myself a wireless remote that doesn’t break down after one trip out.

I had a lot of fun in the post process and quite like the end result.

65 thoughts on “Waiting for a Train”

  1. That’s a great shot Mike and a cool idea! Next time I am there we need to hit this place, it’s so cool looking. I had a blast shooting with you last week, and look forward to seeing your shots. I will post some from London later this week. Hope all is well!

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