Portrait of a Serial Killer

As promised yesterday, here’s a closer look at the serial killer character.

It’s hard when wearing a halloween mask to make it look like it’s anything but a mask, and I would love to be able to afford a proper silicone mask for these purposes but that’s not exactly feasible, and would require a lot more preparation than just slipping it on at an urbex location.

In this instance, therefore, I had to make do with photoshop and covering the areas of obvious skin as much as possible to make it look like the character was fully scarred and not obviously some guy in a toy mask.

Here’s a shot of the face before I processed it:


I know I could improve in many areas of photoshop, but I felt this one didn’t turn out too badly and it blends into the mask quite well. The problem will be doing this on a continual basis for this character, though as I imagine most shots will be using the mask to simply cover the face rather than to show details of the guy, it shouldn’t be too often that it needs to be done.

18 thoughts on “Portrait of a Serial Killer”

  1. Before seeing the ‘before’ image I actually thought you had some make-up work going on! Awesome job filling in the spots between the mask and his face!

  2. Thanks for your comments everyone – I felt it was a bit of an odd one to post, certainly not my usual urban landscape type shots; glad you seem to like it 🙂

  3. that did come out great Mike, but he looks a lot nicer in person 🙂 – great seeing you guys last night, had a helluva good time shooting and putting away a little Sherlock, thanks again mate!!

  4. Portrait of a Serial KillerWas this photoshop or special effects?. It reminds me of Maniac Cop or any of the disfigured villains from eighties movies. They cannot do it now, because disabled rights groups complain.
    This is such a good job, i love all the scars. and the messed up mouth.

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