Guy with a Piano

The title of this post refers to the two buildings which feature prominently. The ugly building at the far right is Guy’s Hospital. The tall pretty building being developed beside it is the Shard. The latter was designed by Italian Architect Renzo Piano. Also in the shot is Canary Wharf, the cluster of buildings at the back – and just in front of these is Tower Bridge.

I was browsing through my unprocessed images this weekend with little inspiration as to what I wanted to process. I have so many from abandoned buildings and rooftops that didn’t quite make the cut in the original ‘back from a shoot, let’s see what we’ve got’ phase that I’m a little bored of seeing them again and again when digging into my shoebox.

I headed back to shots from this location knowing I had a few in there that were definitely usable, I’m just sorry that it’s very similar to the Morning Shard image I’ve posted recently. I loved that last image, but now I think I’m liking this one a little bit more.

So I certainly need to find the time to get out there and shoot more, and I think I need to start shooting lots of different things so that I have more variety to go back to and process depending on my mood.

Of course yesterday I went out there and shot from an abandoned location…but soon I’ll get to the variety!


In other news, over the weekend I just went over 100,000 views on It’s a nice site that serves to promote your HDR work, and I look forward to seeing the changes that the staff have coming up there in the near future. 87% of the 100,000 views were for my urbex piano image, The Day The Music Died.

I have a few spare invites for the site, so if someone wishes to join drop me a note on Twitter to @murphyz, and it would be nice to have a link to some of your work also.

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  1. Guy with a Piano[] []

    Yeah, like you’re such a noob! Agree we should head out and take shots though :o)

    The Guy is the hospital, whereas the Piano is indeed Renzo ;o)

  2. Guy with a PianoFantastic shot mate !
    I think the sky and the light is much more interesting then in the shot called "Morning Shard". So I’m very glad you’ve pulled this out of your archive πŸ™‚

  3. I am really liking all the tones in the sky, Michael. Also that you point out the local landmarks in your narrative is great for a non-local as myself.

  4. I find that even if I have hundreds of photos to process, I am not usually in the mood to unless I’m fresh off a new photo shoot. So even when you do have tons of pictures, you can’t forget to keep getting out there to take new ones. πŸ™‚

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