St Paul's - World AIDS Day

On December 1st 2010 I read an article stating that several London landmarks would be lit up in red to raise awareness of World AIDS Day. I had been spending some time on a rooftop near to St Paul’s so thought this would be an ideal time to capture this amazing landmark lit up in an unusual way, so in the early evening I set out with a friend to go take some shots.

The dome wasn’t lit quite as I was expecting it, and we spoke to a guy in a hut (to the left of this shot) as it was his job to stand there all night pointing a spotlight at the building. He said the whole dome couldn’t be lit due to budget…which was a shame.

I remember it being extremely cold that night; there was a new piece of scaffold erected at the location which meant the roof extended further forwards than it used to, and the wetness combined with wind made the scaffold like Ice – but I got a few decent images out of it.

Our photowalk ended on the south side of the Millennium Bridge where you can get a view of the bridge with St Paul’s behind it, so I said goodbye to my friend and we parted ways – I opted to head back over the bridge which was one way for me to walk home, and would allow me to take a few final shots before packing up.

I’m glad I did!

Now that night had set in the red light cut across the sky and was pretty nice to look at, and I knew with a long exposure I would be able to capture it quite well. At the same time it was starting to snow, which annoyed me as it was the kind that moves in all directions and kept on landing on my glass which was frustrating. Still, it enabled me to get the shot above, and the movement of the snow was captured quite will in the strong beam of red light that was being cast towards the cathedral.

Readers who have been following my photography for a while may recognise this as I did process the shot originally in December:
St Paul's December

I wanted to enter another competition which requires submitting an image of St Paul’s, so I opted to do a re-process of this image, and I hope you agree I have improved a bit since December.

24 thoughts on “St Paul’s – World AIDS Day”

  1. Your processing has improved a lot over the past few months. I really like the snow falling in the ray of light. Best of luck in the competition!

  2. Man, I gotta say that new image looks 1000xs better! Nice job. Those little light trails in the image are really cool.

  3. great image, and best of luck in the competition – I will be in London starting tomorrow and have added this to the list of places I plan to shoot – maybe I’ll bump into ya mate!

  4. St Paul[]
    Thanks very much – congrats on your Top 10 also. I’ll have to make a trip to the crypt to check them out 🙂

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