Come to Bed

I went on an urbex trip away at the start of the year, and when you spend the day driving, checking out abandoned places and taking photos you have no real time to plan where to sleep other than ‘we’ll be at this abandoned hospital around nightfall, so will kip there’.

Sure, this bed doesn’t look too inviting when stood taking a photo of it, but on a cold night when the floor is wet and mouldy this would actually be a nice soft place to put your sleeping bag and fall asleep and at least try and get a decent night of sleep before the next day begins.

I didn’t use this though, as it was taken at West Park and I’ve never stayed there (I opted for a hotel last time I was down in that area).

When I did sleep in an abandoned hospital it was indeed the cold, hard floor for me.

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  1. Come to Bed[] []

    Thanks very much, this was tonemapped using Photomatix and then further edited using OnOne Software’s Phototools.

  2. I just love how you have used the madras to even out the composition, the way it points to the corner makes this image very dynamic and full of depth.

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