From St Paul's to the Shard

Here’s a shot I took a couple of months ago when on one of the rooftop excursions. It’s sometimes hard to get Panoramic shots from these places as there is generally a part of the building which is going to be in the way, or scaffold that creeps into view. This one, therefore didn’t take in too wide an angle as part of the panoramic.

Saying that, this one does feature two of my favourite London buildings in a fight between old and new. St Paul’s on the left is still number one for me, and is a building that I hunt out whenever up high in the hopes to see it. The dome no longer seems to be lit as brightly as it used to be, and the dome lights actually seem to be switched off at 11pm or so which is a shame as it’s not always lit as well as it could be for these things.

The Shard, on the right, is the new boy in town and will be the tallest building in Europe once complete in 2012. This one you can’t help but see from up high, and pretty much anywhere else in London, so no hunting required here. He’s shiny.

Along with Canary Wharf, the Gherkin and Heron Tower viewable between the two of them you can also see the silhouetted form that is the Tate Modern, an old power station designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott which is now converted into a gallery. He is the chap behind the beautiful Battersea Powers Station, and also the very iconic red telephone boxes that you see around London.

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  1. From St Paul’s to the ShardCool panoramic shot… I used to shoot a lot more of these in the past and am just getting back into it. Thanks for being part of the inspiration to chase pano’s once again.

    Shots like this one encouraged me to try them again!

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