Sunkissed Steps

Going into the weekend I thought I would have plenty of time to prepare a few images for the blog this week – but that didn’t really happen. Friday was so long ago I can’t actually remember what happened; Saturday I spent the day watching a few HDR tutorials and cleaning the flat before dinner with a friend and a trip to a rooftop with Mark.

Sunday was similar to Saturday really, and I found myself sat at the PC last night with no images prepared and no real motivation to process as I was flipping through my files.

I stumbled upon a folder from this year which was from my urbex weekend away to the north of England and Wales. Our first location was an old foundry, I have no idea where, that wasn’t anything special – the best part of it was skulking around in the shadows when a few guys in hi-vis jackets and torches came in to show someone around.

I’m not sure how much from this location will be usable, but quite liked this set of yellow stairs and how the light was hitting them. Regular readers will know I enjoy stairs so I found this one an ‘easy hit’ on an evening where nothing much was going to get done.

Saying that I quite like how they came out.

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