London's Burning

Back on February 11th of this year I started a new photoblog with a post called ‘New Home‘.

You’re reading that blog right now, and it’ll be four months tomorrow that I have been writing this for. For the first month I wrote a post per day, and then some sort of sense came to me and I opted for posting just on weekdays which is more manageable – just. It’s difficult in the times when you’re on holiday or life takes over.

My first post back then was similar to the one above, in fact they were shot of the same day – with the one above being taken around 6 minutes before the one shown in my first post – but boy are they different!

I processed that initial shot back on October 3rd when I took it, this was the same day that I purchased my tripod because I wanted to start taking photography a little more seriously and because I knew it would help with my HDR stuff. I’ve had 8 months experience in processing since then and I feel that shows. Sure, I still like the previous one, and the sun was a lot lower – even though just 6 minutes had passed – which means the light in the image produces different results; but I think I prefer this one just because I can see that I’ve improved.

I dig going back into my shoe-box and processing old shots now that I have that much more experience.

The main reason I went back to these brackets is not because the blog is 4 months old tomorrow, but because I want to enter a photography contest and the old shot from this location isn’t quite good enough, I don’t think. I’m happy enough to enter this one though, I like the view and I like the colours. I feel the title is quite fitting too, as the sun seems to show a fire lit glow to the Houses of Parliament, and that conveniently placed cloud looks a lot like a plume of smoke. I completely missed those things when I originally looked through these brackets, but this time they just sprang out at me.

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  1. I definitely like the processing better on this shot Mike. The sky looks nicer and the details are crisp and clear without overwhelming the photo. Great work, it’s amazing what you can learn in a short time! Which photo contest are you entering?

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