St Katherine's Dock

The weather in London was lovely on Saturday so I headed out for a walk to soak up the sun and get a little exercise.

I’m not sure why I headed all the way down the Thames to Tower Bridge, but when there I thought I should certainly head across to St Katherine’s Docks to see how the boats were looking in the afternoon sunshine. Though carrying my camera gear around with me I wasn’t really in a photo taking frame of mind, so a few quick shots of the docks were all I actually took this day – and these were done handheld as the jobsworth on site started giving me the lecture about private property and no tripods allowed and the usual mumbo jumbo that I didn’t have the energy to argue with.

This shot was taken directly into the sun and, as you will see from the original exposure below (the ‘normal’ shot in a 3 set bracket) didn’t really capture the golden light which was on offer by the glorious sun. As such I ran the shot through PhotoTools and applied the Tijuana effect, along with a few other subtle adjustments, to get the warm glowing effect you see in the shot above.

St Katherine's Pre-edit

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