Lego Wars - May 2011

Chris Nitz holds a monthly contest over on his photoblog called Lego Wars where photographers are encouraged to take a themed shot of Lego and submit for a friendly and fun competition.

I decided it could be fun to take part one month, but didn’t really expect to find the purchasing of Lego to be so darned addictive.

I started out with a Viking, which was from a mystery pack and was kindly sent to me by Steve (check out his monthly podcast if you want to listen to music you may never otherwise discover).

Since the Viking, however, the collection has rapidly grown to over 50 figures of various sorts – mostly with the help of eBay. As I’ve said before…sometimes ‘winning’ on eBay isn’t really winning. Still, have to feed the new obsession.

The theme Chris gave for May was “How do Lego people celebrate spring flowers?”

When the artist Lego was delivered to me I knew that the above image is something I wanted to create for this theme, and had good fun doing so. With the concept in mind, I needed to find myself a mini easel for the artist to be able to work with. eBay was of no use to me, and neither was a quick Google search, so I opted to make my own out of matchsticks and Sellotape. Once I had this I cut up one of my business cards into thirds to use as the canvas, and headed out into the streets of London on a sunny Saturday afternoon to find the rest of the things I needed.

First stop was a card shop where I found a box of pastels with a nice range of colours…I knew I would need these to create the painting once I had found a spot for the image to take place. I then tried four different park areas around London and found that each of them were very unsuitable for the shot I wanted due to a lack of flowers, or all of the flowers that they did have were on bushes and I needed ones that were quite low to the ground. Eventually I found a park next to Great Ormond Street Hospital that had a suitable location for me to set up for the shot above.

I sat on the grass and figured out where the Lego man would go before getting out the pastels and drawing on one of the ‘canvases’ that I had created. I did it very roughly, as I’m not very good at drawing and in my mind neither is this little Lego guy.

I then had to set up the figure and the easel and place the canvas on it…which was a bit of a struggle. I was in view of several people on nearby benches wondering what on earth I was doing, but the biggest issue was the wind which kept on blowing over the canvas and Lego man, not to mention making the flowers move around a lot.

After a while I eventually got the above shot which I am quite pleased with. It’s great to have a concept and be able to get something in a photo which closely matches what that original idea was.

There are some great entries in this month’s contest, so please do take the time to head over there and check out the entrants and cast your vote on who should win this month. I did the honourable thing and voted for someone other than myself.

I have a concept in mind for the next contest (Legos people and camping mishaps!), but it will take a bit more effort to set this one up and make it come to life.

5 thoughts on “Lego Wars – May 2011”

  1. The matchstick easel is still one of the most creative props I have seen. I love the shot and this nice look behind how it came to life. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Chris – I’ve had to defrost my freezer so that I could plan the next one šŸ˜‰

  3. Great shot for the Lego challenge. I’ve always wanted to paint like that actually – reminded me of one of my old favorite hobbies I’d like to get into again. šŸ™‚

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