Wasted Energy

The building you see framed by the London Eye is the Shell building. I’m not sure why they choose to leave their lights on all night long.

If my fuzzy knowledge is correct, they started as a company that collected sea shells from the sea shores, and probably sold them. One day when they were out collecting shells they found oil, and correctly established there were more funds in oil than in collecting the deceased remains of sea creatures.

This shot follows that taken yesterday which was on a lovely London rooftop over the bank holiday weekend as the sun was coming up and the light was pretty darn good. It was good also that the wheel was not in motion, as that meant I could take the required exposures without the difficult task of de-ghosting it.

7 thoughts on “Wasted Energy”

  1. Awesome photo! Love it! I just shot my first ferris wheel the other night. Moving though.

  2. Ha, man… Now I gotta fact check to see if that story is true. Cause it’s interesting 🙂

    Nice shot of The Eye. Man, these things scare me …

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