Chewy Chewie

This shot is dedicated to Chris Nitz who I think is the person responsible for my becoming obsessed with buying Lego!

Now, seeing as how I’ve started to buy so much darn Lego I thought it was about time I put it to good use – and so I all but ruined one of them by sticking him in bubblegum!

Making this shot was good fun, but also not very pleasant in places.

Firstly, I had to get some gum that would show up a vibrant colour – and it appears all the gum in normal shops just now have no added colours or flavours and such so they are just a boring off white colour, that was no good to me.

So I headed to a shop called Cyber Candy in Covent Garden, as they import lots of sweets from the US, and found myself a couple of packets of gum, one strawberry and one cherry. The strawberry one was used for the above shot.

Secondly, I had to chew the stuff to get it in a usable state. It tasted disgusting. Plus I had to put three blocks of it in my mouth at once – I almost threw up.

Thirdly, this stuff is sticky! I had to wash my hands each time in between touching it and touching the camera – it was yucky.

In the end though, I got what I was looking for which was a play on the word ‘Chewy’ with the Lego Chewbacca. I’ve managed to scrub most of it off him, but there is still a bit of gum left in the more intricate details on his body – hopefully that will also come off after a while.

The setup here was very basic, especially as I haven’t bought lights yet. I had 3 pieces of offwhite A4 paper, one that he is set on, one at the background and one on the left side of him which is bouncing the light from the window (on his right) to lift the shadows a little on the left side of his face. Done.

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