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Two panoramas in one week – I do spoil you guys!

Firstly, I’ve entered a shot from this location into a competition currently being held by Microsoft called ‘Your Britain’. I would very much appreciate your votes and tweets of this entry by going to the image page and clicking on the vote option. I doubt I will be fortunate enough to win the £10k first prize, but I know I don’t stand a chance unless I try. You are allowed to vote/revote on a daily basis so if you’re bored please go ahead and revote were possible. Thanks so much for your support.

Now, onto this image.

The panoramic takes in about a 190 degree angle and features a few well known London landmarks starting with Waterloo Station, Battersea Power Station, St Stephen’s Tower (Clock Tower, also known as ‘Big Ben’ is hidden by the Shell building), the London Eye/Millennium Wheel, The National Theatre, Waterloo Bridge, Centre Point, the BT Tower, the Barbican, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Gherkin, Tate Modern, Canary Wharf (hidden slightly by me), Tower Bridge and of course the newest addition to our skyline that is the building of the Shard.

It’s 17 shots of 3 exposures each, first tonemapped and then stitched together. As such, I really do suggest that you go ahead and view the image in larger detail so that you can see it a little better – with some browsers you’ll need to click on the image to zoom in to full size after you follow the link.

This location has offered me the best view of London that I think I have seen due to the central location and a height that is high enough to see a lot, but low enough to still appreciate the detail.

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  1. Thanks Curt – that’s me in the photo. I set the timer to 10 seconds and ran across the rooftop to get in position 🙂

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