San Francisco Nights

I’m back from San Francisco, and tired as hell.

I didn’t get to do very much photography out there unfortunately, the trip was more work than pleasure on this occasion.

I’ll be sifting through the photos I did take and posting a few up next week, but here’s a quick one from my last night there. I hadn’t been out with my camera since my day of arrival and was determined to try and get a few shots before departing the city. So even though I had meetings, and cocktail receptions and a dinner to go to that day I decided I would haul my camera gear around with me – albeit without the tripod. I’m glad I did as one particular reception was up quite high and I would have been gutted not to have my camera with me.

After we had our final dinner over at the Slanted Door in the Ferry Building everyone was heading into taxis to go back to their hotels. I opted to walk back to my hotel so that I could take a few night shots; I didn’t care that I was tired, that it was raining or that a few very steep hills were in between me and my hotel – this was the last chance I was going to get.

Not all of the shots turned out too well – as long exposure night shots really do require a tripod. For this particular one I rested the camera on the ball like pillar that’s opposite the one you see in the image, using my iPhone as a stand for the lens to get the right angle. I think it turned out quite well in the end, and loved the fact nobody was around; the whole walk back to the hotel was pretty much undisturbed.

Have a good weekend all.

15 thoughts on “San Francisco Nights”

  1. I like how the building in the center is fully lit on the top. I like all the watery reflections scattered about in the puddles.

  2. San Francisco Nights[]
    Thanks – alas I was there on business and did not find the time to visit Alcatraz – another trip perhaps.

  3. Beautiful night shot, love the reflections on the wet ground! and that was best use yet I’ve heard for an iPhone, haha jk 🙂 I can only aspire to capture a night shot as cool as this! Thanks for sharing!

  4. ” I think it turned out quite well in the end, and loved the fact nobody was around; the whole walk back to the hotel was pretty much undisturbed.” After way too many business trips to San Francisco I learned that they roll up the sidewalks and go to sleep at 9:00 P.M.

  5. great shot, I know that spot well, my usual hotel is a 9 iron from there, and I love the Ferry Bldg – my favorite spot in San Fran! I look forward to more shots from SFO!

  6. Thanks everyone.

    @Jim – I only managed to go to the Ferry Building on the last evening when I went for a meal; as such it was all closed really and I didn’t get to see the real beauty that others have told me so much about. Next time…

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