Cell 3

This was the one sight that I wanted to see at Pyestock.

I had seen images of these doors a couple of times before, and learnt that the doors you see above are actually left over from when the filming of Sahara took place at this location. Though they look like futuristic metal, they are a little flimsy and made of fibreglass or plastic, or something – I think I could probably have punched a hole in it anyway.

One thing I had also learnt before taking this trip is that ‘Cell 3’ where these doors were located, was now locked up tight – the doors welded shut so no access was possible. This would of course cause a problem when attempting to take a photo in there.

After checking out Cell 4 where my previous 2 images were from we headed to Cell 3 and worked our way around checking the doors. They were indeed all shut with no way to open them. Luckily, however, this is not the only entry point to Cell 3, as there is a nice large hole at the top of the cell which descends some way down into it. As a happy coincidence, someone before me had thought to bring along a piece of rope which they left in place. They had even tied a couple of knots in it.

I quickly descended into the pit and was faced with these doors – hurrah. The rope swiftly vanished behind me and reappeared moments later with my camera bag tied to it – thanks to the great crew I was with who were certainly looking out for me.

Getting into this cell and shooting these doors justified the trip for me. I don’t care if I had to spend a night in a hotel and get up at stupid a.m. – I got the shot I wanted and the end result was processed how I had wanted it to be.

Whilst I was busy shooting my crew were busy getting creative, and managed to construct a little ladder/rope combo action which made my escape a lot easier than it could have been. I wouldn’t suggest going into the cell if you’re on a solo trip just in case the rope gives out, but with a team I think it’s safe enough and certainly worth going into.

Here’s a quick phone shot of the exit structure – though a little hard to see, the ladder is nowhere near the inner wall, and doesn’t reach the end, so the rope is the only real thing it’s resting on. However it was firmly in place on the metal walkway (where I’m stood taking the shot in the image above) so the movement of it whilst climbing out was minimal.


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  1. Thanks All.

    @Chris, @Ryan – these doors are out of a movie, though it’s an action movie rather than sci-fi. This is the ‘underground’ complex featured in the film Sahara and you’ll catch a glimpse of these doors, and also Cell 4 which is the subject of my post 2 days before this one, towards the end of the film.

  2. Cell 3Thanks everyone.

    Doable if you have climbing gear, or if someone leaves a rope there for you.

    Yes I did :o)

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