Zombie Portal

Yesterday I showed you the view of Cell 4 at this location. At the far end you could not see the large turbine thing that was in place behind all of the pipes, but here we are actually inside it looking out.

It was pretty dark in here, and though I could see some of the colourful rust on the walls I was surprised by how colourful a little processing actually made this shot.

I really like the exposure of the light behind the figure in this image and how it makes the leg seem to disappear and look like it’s skeletal which is of course what led me to the post title. I’m glad that it wasn’t really a portal feeding zombies into the room…that would be a little too much to handle on an urbex trip I think.

9 thoughts on “Zombie Portal”

  1. I like the mix of warm and cold tones on this shot. The stance is also spot of for a zombie coming to terrorize you. Great work man!

  2. I just have to say Mike that I love your style of self portraits. They’re always interesting, unique, and just frankly badass. Great stuff.

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