Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is the one that many tourists mistakenly refer to as London Bridge, which is actually the next one upstream. I guess this one is just more iconic than the boring London Bridge, which has only really managed to spice itself up in recent years by having a red light run down one side of it.

I took this shot at the start of this week when I met up with Bert Beckers who was visiting London from Belgium – a trip which reminds me why I just need to get out more during the magic hour (though this shot was taken just after we had the best light of the day).

Tomorrow I’m off to San Francisco so I’ll hopefully have another shot of a bridge for the blog in the very near future 🙂 Daily updates are scheduled for this blog for next week, so the only real interruption will be that it takes longer for me to add the posts to Flickr/Tumblr – and of course if the scheduled posts should fail for any reason. Have a greet weekend all.

32 thoughts on “Tower Bridge”

  1. This is an amazing capture mate – Love the DOF the foreground choice and the subject are amazingly well thought out. Great job!

  2. Captivating and moody capture. Love the little stone path that leads our eyes to the water’s edge and to the bridge beyond. Really creative perspective Michael!

  3. Nice! I really like the way the bridge stands out against the dark. Awesome that the sky isn’t black and you can still see clouds and some blue in it.

  4. London bridge just up the stream? Last I heard it was in Arizona 😉 Great shot, and have fun in San Fran. I found a way to schedule posts on Flickr. Email me if you would like to know how I do it.

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