Millennium Mills

With this image we say goodbye to the Millennium Mills, for now at least.

This shot was taken very early on in the day from one of the rooftops which we accessed via a dodgy set of escape stairs. Dodgy in that they had several steps missing, but felt safe enough otherwise.

The sun is still quite low and was creating some fantastic light within the building, it was a great day to be there. You can see the landing/take off strip of City Airport in the distance.

To my right hand side we had a nice viewpoint of the security guy who was on site, not quite doing his job right…

7 thoughts on “Millennium Mills”

  1. Love the long shadows and deep colors. Thank for the laugh on the security guard working really hard. I don’t even think he is trying to fish. Very nice shot today!

  2. That is some wonderful light and you’ve captured it quite nicely my friend! I, too, like the long shadows and also like the shine from the water in the background! Well done!

  3. Haha I love the security guy fishing, as an aside…cracked me up. This image is beautiful though – light hits the mill and creates shadows in all the right spots.

  4. The security guard is great! Mike can you find out where I can apply for that job? instead of fishing Ill be taking photos all day. Awesome set, all your mill photo were great.

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