Screw It

Time for another black and white shot.

As I mentioned yesterday, I really should find out more about locations I visit so that I can go ahead and talk about them. This device, regardless of the title I gave this post, probably doesn’t screw. It likely bores, or just turns, perhaps sifts – I’m not too sure.

I was looking straight down on this piece of machinery for this shot, so the blurry background you see at the top and bottom of the image is actually the floor I’m standing on. I really liked the shadows that had formed and thought these would turn out well in black and white, which is why I opted for that style of processing.

15 thoughts on “Screw It”

  1. The screw was likely used to transport some material from one place to another. Anyways, great detail and I think the black and white works extremely well here!

  2. Love the highlights and shadows on this – awesome. The curves on that really bring out the texture at different angles. Nice title πŸ™‚

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