Tunnel of Love

In contrast to yesterday’s image where there was a lot of space, this one is certainly a lot more cosy.

I liked the shape these overlapping pipes made from this particular angle, and the shape of them reminded me – for some reason – of the ‘tunnel of love’ that weddings guests make for the bride and groom to walk down.

As I took this photo I was sat beside a nice large hole in the ground which went down several floors. Using my torch I could see the hard, unwelcoming floor below, but dropping a screw down there took around 3 seconds to land. The room had lots of these holes but I’m not sure what they were for as I couldn’t see any exit points at the bottom – so if they were used for the storage of grain there was only really one way to get it in or out.

I really should find out more about these locations I investigate so I can actually describe them in a little more detail.

13 thoughts on “Tunnel of Love”

  1. What a great shot! these type of images give great depth, which I like a lot! The light here is also quite good, draping in from the side. The two drain stops in the immediate foreground add some cool interest also!

  2. You know, this may not be the tunnel of love I take a girl down trying to convince her how sweet and awesome I am 😉 I really love that blue light at the very end of this. Such an amazing shot!

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