This week I have a few more images from the mills to share with you before we then head off to another urbex location.

I have a very hectic week at work and in my social life so processing time will be at a minimal, which is unfortunate as I’m heading off to San Francisco on Saturday and won’t have any time or technology to process from then for most of the next week. I aim to schedule relevant posts for the time I’m away though.

I will have very little ‘me’ time in San Francisco as I’m there on business, but I’ve decided to take my gear and try to get in a few early mornings – it would seem pointless to go all that way and not try to at least get a shot or two of their iconic bridge.

The shot above, as you may recognise, is back to the abandoned mill. As I was working my way through the floors I tended to skip the ones that had ‘nothing’ in unless we were doing the staged shots of different members of our crew. I think this was one of the only ones that I grabbed with very little in the room, but I really liked the sunlight that was coming in through the windows at this time of day.

16 thoughts on “Spacious”

  1. Great shot! When in SFO, try and shoot the Bay Bridge at blue hour, and get inside the Ferry Building too. I shoot those places a lot when I’m there, and never regret making the time (or skipping the sleep!). Jim

  2. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    Ryan – thanks for the link, I’ll check them out (and where they are on a map) with the aim to shoot some of them.

    Jim, thanks very much I’ll certainly try and check out the Ferry Building. I think we’re heading to the Slanted Door one night for dinner, and that’s the same place or very nearby…perhaps.

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