Push The Button

In a vast room full of equipment, a solitary ‘Emergency Stop’ button was to be found on the wall.

I wonder if pushing this button would simply have stopped every machine in this room, which covers half of a massive floor of the mill, or if it shuts down something more – perhaps the whole floor itself. It’s too late to know now, as nothing was running, and a push did nothing.

Whenever I come across these types of things on an urbex trip I’ll often go ahead and push the button. I don’t expect anything to happen when I do, and would be pretty shocked if ever it did, but I like to just do it to make sure.

I would be terrible in a room that has a solitary button stating ‘do not push’ as my curious nature would likely get the better of me.

13 thoughts on “Push The Button”

  1. For some reason, this reminds of the movie Flight of the Navigator. No idea why, but it just looks like the spinning eye/robot thing on the ship. I love the rusty texture and the blurry paint in the background. Fantastic!

  2. I totally understand how “do not” quickly converts to “do” in your brain. It’s just too tempting. The rusty button against the peeling paint is 3D perfection. Love picture stories like this Michael!

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