I Dreamt I Was Batman

I was up a few high buildings over the bank holiday weekend, but didn’t seem to take too many shots up there. I seem to be spending more and more time enjoying the locations I visit and less time snapping anything and everything in sight.

For this shot I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve and, apart from donning a cape a mask, managed to get pretty close to it.

I’m not too deluded though. I know I’m not Batman, nor a super hero of any other kind. He is one of my favourites though simply because he’s a ‘superhero’ without having all of the actual superpowers that others possess. Spider-man has his web thing and is quite jumpy, Superman can fly, has super strength and x-ray vision etc.

Batman is just a man with a cape and some really cool tech and a bit of ninja skills. We could all have that if we had the funds and time to invest in it.

145 thoughts on “I Dreamt I Was Batman”

  1. I love the pose! All you need are some metal claws coming out of the hands and you’d have a great Wolverine movie poster!

  2. I Dreamt I Was BatmanVery nice shot I love it, You have some talent, I like the composition and arrangement of positive and negative space in this image, Have a nice day.

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  3. I Dreamt I Was Batmangosh! this is unbelievable! Last night I dreamed about the Joker. I was the joker and finally I managed to kill Batman! but then I regretted very much, and I cried on his beautiful corpse!
    totally mad, I know :/

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