Hold The Press

Firstly, thanks for your kind comments on yesterdays post. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone I guess, and the little taste I had in shooting with lights and models has actually left me wanting to do more at some stage – it’s certainly very different to my usual stuff, but feel it would be very good to learn.

To try and put the shoots into perspective and answer a few of the queries received, the workshop was loosely based around selling images on iStockphoto.com. It lasted around 3 hours, and 15 of the attendees got to spend a short amount of time shooting the models. It started with the instructor explaining different aspects of lighting and setting things up, and then taking a few good/bad shots so you could see what we were trying to achieve, and how slight movements in you or the lights can dramatically change the image.

The first model was a solo man, above, and the 15 attendees who were able to go ahead and shoot (out of about 40 attendees) were to spend one minute taking shots as they desired, and working with the model to get a shot they wanted.

The workshop then discussed using other lights to assist in lighting up the shot, and introduced a second model and a second light to the room, bouncing off a back wall, to light up both models evenly. Again, the 15 attendees got another minute each to take shots.

In total, therefore, I had 2 one minute sessions with the models. Out of the 2 sessions I took a total of 20 shots, in between trying to work with the models and asking them to position themselves how I wanted them.

Out of the 20 shots, I have found only 2 that I wish to work with, which are the one from yesterday and the one above. Still, I’ve been on photo trips where I’ve only had 2 shots that I wanted to use after a few hours, so I feel that’s a pretty good return rate in this instance.

I’m not too sure what I was trying to achieve with the above shot, but as everyone who had gone before me (about 10 people) simply had the usual business poses, reading the paper, or the paper under the arm I certainly wanted to try and do something a little different from the normal shots that others had taken.

At the end of the workshop we had to sign a model release stating we were able to use the shots in our portfolios and place them online, but if we were trying to sell them we would have to do so via iStockphoto.com, which I have no issue with, but not sure I will actually go ahead and do so.

I do feel that I want to do more light work though, and wish I had a place big enough to actually set something up as I really enjoyed the end results of these two photos.

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  1. Hold The PressThanks very much everyone.

    No, 95% of the time the title will come after I’ve taken the image, often not until I start to write a blog post around it. For this one the title was pretty straightforward to arrive at: firstly, he was holding the newspaper so that links in nicely. Secondly, with the way the image is composed I liked the idea that the person in the image is being silenced in some way, and to me it’s as if a breaking news story was being printed and suddenly they had to ‘hold the press’ as the story was no longer one that they could run with (other common phrases such as ‘stop the press’ or ‘hold the front page’ didn’t work so well for me in this instance).

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