A Model Subject

And now for something completely different…as they say.

This weekend I managed to get into four nice high places around London by night, and by day I went to the World Photography Festival which was being held in London this week. Though I had no intentions of going originally, and in fact didn’t know it was in town, I headed on down there on the Saturday to meet up with my buddy John. After stumping up the entry fee for a day pass I had a bit of time to spare before we met so headed into one of the lectures that was going on, and quite enjoyed it. I stayed for the next lecture, and very much enjoyed that one also, so by the end of the day I was happy enough to come back on the Sunday for another day of it all.

Sunday started with a workshop with Alexey Ivanov teaching us about lighting. It was pretty interesting, and there were techniques in use that were far beyond my understanding at this stage. However, one of the features of this workshop was that we got to spend a short amount of time working with a lighting setup and a model or two.

Now, I’ve never worked with studio lights before, it’s completely alien to me.

I’ve also never worked with models before, and my only knowledge of doing so was in the 15 minutes or so it took other people in the room to work with the models before my turn arrived. During that time the only thing I could think about was at least attempting to get poses that hadn’t been done already by those gone before me.

To add to the pressure, I only had 1 minute with these guys to get as many shots in as I wanted.

Scary introduction to working with models and lights, that’s for sure!

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  1. You were up to the task, Michael. Very impressive results. I spent most of the weekend watching Zack Arias on creativelive.com, but the fact that you produced a terrific image from your “seminar weekend” is the best outcome.

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