Painting a Portrait

I do love the peeling paint that you find in abandoned places, and when I think of the term ‘Beauty in Decay’ it is to this that my mind immediately goes to. Rooftops are still my favourite thing to ‘explore’, but when I find a derelict building and see the walls covered in crackling paint I get pretty excited by it.

In this shot I concentrated on the paint which is one of the columns in this room; as you can see the paint is more breaking up than it is peeling here, I would say due to both the material used for the column and the type of paint itself. I wanted to add an extra point of interest in the background so ran across the room and posed waiting for the 10 second shutter to release.

7 thoughts on “Painting a Portrait”

  1. The texture of the paint is great. I think its time to start looking into a wireless shutter release. Actually I’m surprised you already haven’t got one after standing on those beams a few weeks back.

  2. I definitely include myself among “lovers of peeling paint”. Perhaps we can form a support group, as long as I don’t have to change! Love the curved metal leading our eyes toward the subject of this unique portrait. Great composition.

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