Cloning Status: Complete

One of the many rooms in the mills featured these large metal things. I can’t get too technical about them…because then I would have to kill you. It’s not because I haven’t a clue what they are…ahem.

I think they are the ends of the grain silos – but that’s a complete guess. I just saw them as these awesome structures that I could stick my head in and which made a really cool echo when you shouted from within.

The above shot was (obviously) several exposures which I then merged into the one shot so that I appeared three times. Nice and simple in this aspect, but if you’re interested in doing something similar I highly recommend checking out Cloned Self Portraits by Viveca Koh for a look at how it’s done properly.


In other news, yesterday I reached 100,000 photo view on my Flickr Account.


Thanks very much for all of my viewers who have followed me, left comments, favourited my images and linked to me to spread my work around; it’s greatly appreciated.

28 thoughts on “Cloning Status: Complete”

  1. Congrats again on the 100k views on Flickr!! Love this shot! You almost look like a character from a horror movie with those large metal things where your head should be. Love it!

  2. Congrats on your Fickr count, I sure you’ll be to 500k in no time. Hey Mike, did you have any reservation about sicking your head up those pipes? LOL

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