Stuck in the Middle

One of the great things about an abandoned mill is that it’s a superb location to go with a group of guys and see what fun you can have setting up various shots. Of course ours all turn out to be quite sinister and involve tying people up, a Mexican stand-off and switchblades. Nobody ever brings a kitten or picnic as props.

I am continually impressed by the guys I go out on urbex shoots with. As I’ve said before, they’re a bunch of people you may not wish to stumble upon as a group, especially in an abandoned location (and especially when we are in the middle of one of these shoots), but they are all lovely guys, most of them family men, and the motto always seems to be ‘safety first’, even if a little more risk would make the shot that little bit better. It’s a pleasure to go out on trips with them.

I sneaked in my shots of the above in between one of the other guys taking his shots of the same scene – jumping in and out of the scene with razor in hand. Of course after I got home and was looking at a suitable way to process these images a triptych seemed like a natural way forward, and I wanted it to be a storyboard of some sort.

Let’s see, an abandoned building, a guy tied to a chair, and a razor blade. What could be more fitting than that classic scene from Reservoir Dogs where Mr. Blonde cuts off Marvin’s ear?

I added the text from that scene of the movie – so all you have to do is sing that Stealers Wheel song as you look at the image (though I imagine most of you have already done so).

19 thoughts on “Stuck In The Middle”

  1. Mate, these have come out fantastic, really sinister, fit the old Mill quite well 🙂

  2. Mike you’ve done a blinding job on the pics and always a pleasure to hook up for trips with you bro..
    Looking forward to the next trip out..

  3. Something tells me its a really good thing nobody ever brings a kitten on one of these shoots. I could imagine how traumatized the cat would be after your done with it. Great photos and a really great theme Mike.

    PS “I don’t tip.”

  4. LMAO man, can you just imagine what someone would think if they walked in on this?!? Ha! That would be priceless! Cool shots and concept!

  5. Thanks very much for your comments everyone. Ryan, yeah you’re probably right – it would be pretty cruel for a kitten to come along ;o)

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