Welsh Wales

6 guys.

2 cars.

We are unwashed, have had little sleep, and we’re a motley crew to look at.

You wouldn’t want to walk into us in the middle of an abandoned building, but that’s possible as we’re two days into an urbex trip. Our idea of fun is breaking into old asylums, factories and the burnt out remains of a murder scene.

Yet driving from one of these derelict sites to another in the North of Wales we can’t help but be attracted to the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. I was in the lead car and we all saw the amazing site to our right and agreed without the need for words that we should pull over and take a few photos. As we parked up the second car in our mini convey pulled in behind us – the three guys in there had the exact same thoughts as we did, and were grateful we didn’t just drive on.

I’m not usually one for taking landscapes, and to be honest this location is held more in my memory than on my storage drive, but I thought I would process this one anyway.

In this particular shot I wanted to get the post in, so you actually miss out on some of the scenery which is hidden here by the turf in the foreground. I’m going to say that the rookie mistake of having the horizon line in the middle of the image was actually done on purpose…but I would be lying. At least I managed to get the horizon to be pretty much straight though.

Regardless of what your preferred subject matter is for taking photos, it’s good to know that you don’t always need a wall covered in peeling paint to see the beauty around you.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful shot Murph – I actually like how you framed it, not a “rookie mistake” at all – I think the foreground leads your eye right into the bright landscape & sunlight in the middle of the image.

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