Fairground Attraction

This shot was taken some time last year, I think it was a Saturday and I had gone out for the day to do a little geocaching when I stumbled upon a theme part which was just being set up for later on that day. It wasn’t due to open for another hour or two so I took the opportunity to work my around the place and grab a few shots of the rides as the owners were busy getting the place ready.

I wish I could return to a place such as this now, as I know more about photography and have better glass I feel I could make more of the location than I did. I expect some of the rides would work excellently with the fisheye lens.

I ended up walking 16 miles that day, with camera gear weighing me down. Unfortunately it was also miles from home so by the time you are thinking you should head back you’re knackered and the last thing you wish to do is travel all the way home again…certainly one of those many moments where I long to click my heels and find myself in the comfort of my flat.

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  1. Which story book has the person above been reading? More like a horror story, the effects add that eariness especially combined with the sky. IT will pop out at any moment. Sxx

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