Asylum Seeker

Today’s monotone is of myself in my usual urbex mask as I check out an old asylum.

This was my first visit to this place, but the five people I was with had all been there previously. As such, I quickly lost them all as they went to the various spots that they wanted to shoot and I was left to navigate the place solo – something I like, but with no phone signal or idea as to where I was going I felt that part could have been better planned.

I liked the light coming through the doorways in this corridor, and after taking a few test shots decided that the closest doorway was the best place for me to stand. I originally processed the shot in full colour, and quite liked how that had turned out, but thought it also worked quite well this way and of course it fits into this week’s theme of posts that are all being done in monotone.

16 thoughts on “Asylum Seeker”

  1. That is essentially a photo of what I fear most about going around abandoned buildings – running into someone creepy looking. Great shot!

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