Stranger on a Train

This shot was taken using the 50mm prime lens. The distance between where I was stood and the camera was around 4x the length of the metal beams you see at the bottom of the image; rushing from the camera after pressing the button across these girders and into position was pretty difficult in the 10 seconds the camera offered as a countdown – I really need to get a remote shutter release that lasts for longer than one trip out (or practice my balancing skills)!

It’s taken from within a burnt out shell of a train carriage, and a little bit of a shame that I’m not slightly more centered in the door frame…the rushing across the beams before turning and freezing didn’t offer me a great opportunity to do much other than hope for the best πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Stranger on a Train”

  1. Thanks Jim…my motto is “Safety First!”. I wasn’t wearing my usual urbex mask in this shot as navigating the beams with the tiny eye holes was not going to happen πŸ™‚

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