Corrosive Locomotive

My favourite location on the recent urbex weekend was definitely an old train yard, and I’m going to be putting a few images from this place up this week. There were a lot of old trains there in various states of decay and it was good fun working my way down the line taking a look at each one. It was at this location I decided I had to buy a fisheye lens, so a return trip now that I have one would be a very good thing to do, especially as I don’t feel I did justice to the location and the subjects in my initial visit. As the last stop of our tour I was pretty tired and pleased that this location was so relaxed; I really didn’t have my groove on when it came to taking the shots though, so I walked away with much less than I wanted to from here.

The hardest part of the location was actually shooting around the other 7 people who were there, all attempting to get shots off without everyone else in them. It also wasn’t the greatest weather, but the carriages offered a suitable place to hide out from the passing rain when it did come.

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  1. nice processing. Know what you mean about large groups – I’ve done 7 or 9 around WP a couple of years ago and it was a right mare – good craic, but hard work queueing up for the shot. I try to keep it to a max of four nowadays.

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