The Time Thief

I’m dipping into the archives for this shot which was taken at an art exhibit towards the end of last year. The exhibit itself, Hell’s Half Acre, was based in the Old Vic Tunnels in London which I feel would certainly be a great location to have a gallery of urban exploration images, it would be perfect for it.

I didn’t take too many photos down there, especially as the light was so bad and use of flash not permitted, but I did manage to catch a few shots I really liked and this one was by far my favourite.

All of the pieces in this shot are by Zak Ové, and the main subject is called ‘The Time Thief’. Just over the right shoulder towards the center of the image is ‘Dogon Princess’ and at the far left, with the horses, is ‘Leap of Faith’.

I just love the fact the piece was called The Time Thief, something that was unknown to me at the time of shooting. The total exposure length over three brackets was about 75 seconds, and there were people walking all around during that time. Most of the people did not make an impact on the photo, apart from when they stood still for a short time to take a look at the ‘Leap of Faith’ piece. The fact I’ve caught partial ghosts of the people in that area just fits in so well with the title of this piece – I couldn’t have planned it better.

The second aspect of this image that I really like is the shadow on the wall to the right of ‘Leap of Faith’. It looks like a man standing in a very pointy panama hat – but I have no idea where that shadow actually came from and which particular piece it is a shadow of. However, I feel it adds to the unusual nature of the image.

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  1. THis is excellent! Mark and I went to this too, and it wasn’t easy to take photos down there so I recognise what a good job you have done here. Love the ghosts of the people – brilliant touch!

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