London Panoramic

This is the first High Definition HDR that I’ve attempted, and what’s more I thought I would go all out and try it as a panoramic as well.

I took the day off work on Wednesday and spent some time on the Southbank attempting to find the perfect spot where I would be able to get a view of the London skyline and many of the iconic buildings, and my intention was to try and get from Big Ben over to the Gherkin in one shot – a tough feat, but one that I managed successfully.

The above image is taken from 27 shots, each of which contained 9 brackets. The Photomatix stage wasn’t too bad, as I did each of the brackets individually, but the actual stitching together took pretty much all of yesterday – about 20 hours in total – and I couldn’t use the toaster or kettle whilst it was processing due to the amount of electricity my PC required to process this.

I was pretty thrilled to get so much detail in, and if you look closely you can actually see the hands of the clock over on the left. I love also how the Thames came out so blue; I used an ND Filter which really cut through the murky brown that you mistakenly see with a naked eye and it brought out the true colour really well.

It’s rare that I do this but I’m so proud of this shot that I’m going to offer it for sale in a limited edition of 1,000. To get your own copy before it sells out send me an email and we can arrange payment. At just £500 per image it’s a real steal, and it comes printed on a beautiful piece of white A4 which you can then cut down to size to fit any frame you like. I’m happy to run off a few b&w copies if that’s your thing, but due to the extra manpower involved these are £750 per copy and will take an extra 2 weeks to deliver.

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  1. Thats great, a much better idea than my April Fools. I said I was quiting photography. The next day I had the lowest hits on my site ever.

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