Sideways Door

I’ve found many doors on my urbex trips, and I particular like the ones that open out in to nothing but a long drop. They usually indicate places that used to have a floor on the opposite side, and now nothing remains other than a plummet to your doom – however I’ve seen one or two where the ‘nothing’ on the other side doesn’t look to have previously been something and, for some reason, there does just happen to be a door there that is pointless.

I’ve never, however, found a functional sideways facing door, and this is a little disappointing.

Yes, I know they would not be functional, and it may defeat the purpose of their being an actual door in place rather than a window or large cat flap – but I would still like to find one that’s in place, and fully hinged and working, even if it’s just because a wall has fallen over.

As you can see, there isn’t much else to say about this image. It was a large empty room on the top floor of one part of an old asylum. It had a lot of windows. I really liked the ceiling which was in a few different colours and had these metal rod supports for some reason, they didn’t look to be very supportive so not sure of their true purpose.

It also had that sideways door over on the left…but it didn’t go anywhere.


In other news, yesterday I had my first photo shoot where I was actually expected to produce results for an end client. They hadn’t really provided me with specific details of what they wanted so I spent an hour and a half snapping various features internally (it was a library) with a few different lenses before heading out to do a few exteriors (which would have been better in more suitable weather).

I took a lot of brackets, but feel I’ll only have 15-20 images to actually show for it by the time I’m done processing them. I’m very happy with those I have done so far though and hope that the client will be also. Once I’ve submitted these it will give them a chance to actually pinpoint any other details they would like me to shoot which I may not have covered in yesterday’s session – I don’t even know how many shots they’re expecting me to produce at this time.

13 thoughts on “Sideways Door”

  1. That red door works so well with the other colors and textures in the shot, it makes you think about where the door might have once led to.

    Congratulations on the client shoot, I hope the client’s non-specificty does not come back to haunt you when you present images to him.

  2. Sideways Door[] [] [] []

    Thanks for your comments everyone 🙂

  3. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite images that I’ve seen from you. The lighting is amazing, the composition is flawless, and the processing is superb!

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