It's A Jungle Out There

We’re going back to Hellingly Asylum for this shot.

I was in the room next door to this when I first noticed this room. There are holes in the walls which meant I could see straight through, and as my eyes adjusted to the sunlight coming in through the windows I noticed that there were plenty of puddles on the floor which would offer up a nice reflection or two.

I think this was on the second floor so it’s nice to see so much greenery working it’s way up the outside of the building – though it’s likely the building is no longer even there now. It’s amazing in some of these places how nature has started to reclaim them in what’s a pretty short space of time. I watch a few of those property programmes and the developers always stress the importance of protecting your home from the forces of nature, making sure the roof tiles and any cracks in the walls are fully maintained. After seeing some of these abandoned places you can see why that is so important not to neglect.

23 thoughts on “It’s A Jungle Out There”

  1. The reflections are awesome, but like everyone else is saying – it’s those light rays that make it. The greenery outside the window really enhances the patter and background for those wonderful rays.

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    I really wasn’t sure if I liked this image too much, but I’m glad you all seem to – thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. I spent a night to see all of your photos. I have to say that you made me fall in love with HDR ! I’ll take some photos and share with you. Your photos are great ! Greetings from Vietnam !

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