Boys vs Girls

It’s not too unusual to find a couple of interesting rooms side by side when out exploring different locations, but I loved this find simply because there was a wall separating them which makes it seem like you’re on the set of a TV show.

I think this may have originally been one room which had a dividing wall placed up the middle – where I stood to take the shot was a doorless doorway between the two. I loved the fact you could see this separation between the two rooms which, though bare and a little boring in that respect, were decorated in blue and pink – the classic boys and girls colours.

I really enjoyed the symmetry between the two, but at the same time the contrast in the colours. The blue wallpaper had certainly held up to time better than the pink had, the latter of which was very faded and didn’t come out quite as well as the ‘boys’ room did.

13 thoughts on “Boys vs Girls”

  1. Awesome shot! You’re right – feels like a set. I wouldn’t have noticed the right was (had been) pink until I read your post. Looked again, and I can see it on the edges. Love the light from the windows and the dark edges.

  2. Boys Vs Girls[] [] [] []

    Cheers 🙂

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